Jen Phelps - Emmy Laybourne

Valentina Rivera - Tracy Vilar

Junior Fleming - Adam Felber

Rachel Gleason - Holly Mandel

Len Dupree - Sean Conroy

Maceo Green - Carl Tart

Olya Borisdaya - Emmy Laybourne

Trey the Temp - Michael Goldfried

Kenneth Dworkin - Sam Laybourne

Sissy - Lea Moreno

Tim Quasha - Sam Laybourne

Sabrina Vetter - Sheila Head

Kathy Wu - Lauren Tom

James - Paul F Tompkins

Louie - Adam Felber


Created by - Emmy Laybourne

Executive Producer - Lauren Dunitz

Producer - Kit Laybourne

Directors -

Michael Goldfried

Emmy Laybourne

Sound Design - Morgan Glasper

Editing - Justin Manduca

Writers -

Emmy Laybourne

Lauren Dunitz

Publicity - Holley Jacobsen

Logo design - VIctoria Holod

Writer's Assistant - Dylan Manning

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