Workplace Comedy Podcast was created by women, produced by women and features women in front and behind the mic. Women are now listening to podcasts more than ever before, making up 48% of the podcast listening audience in 2019 ( - however, only 1 in 3 of the top podcasts were hosted by women and only 1 in 10 hosts were people of color. With our diverse, female-forward cast, Workplace Comedy Podcast is delighted to do our part to fix this imbalance.

Emmy and Tracy were part of a four-woman sketch show produced by Carsey-Werner for Oxygen Media back in 2001 called Ripe Tomatoes. The show never saw the light of day, but it introduced Tracy and Emmy, so who cares? Tracy and Emmy also grew up in NYC at the same time, about 20 blocks away from each other.


Emmy and cast member Sam are brother and sister. You might have guessed this from their last names. They are famous with Comedy Central die-hard fans for the song they performed on multiple Comedy Central specials, “We Can’t Make Love, Because We’re Related.”

We raised money to produce Workplace Comedy Podcast with a crowdfunding campaign so that we could pay our actors. This project was started in lockdown at a time when jobs for actors had dried up. We’re proud to have been able to supply a bit of grocery money at a time of need.


Four of the cast members of WCP met on the set of the NBC series DAG (which starred David Allen Grier and Delta Burke). This show enjoyed a year-long run and some over the top guest stars like Dwayne Johnson and Lil’ Kim. Who were the four? Emmy, Lauren, Lea and Paul.